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Structural Design Services
In addition to high-impact graphics, the shape and contour of a package or display help capture the shopper‘s attention and build brand awareness. Our structural design capabilities are unrivaled in the industry. Our packaging experts start by evaluating brand objectives and strategies, as well as factoring in retail requirements. We evaluate all other aspects of your packaging needs including the vulnerability factor of products in transit, speed of assembly and packing, stacking strength requirements, presentation and promotion variables, and your budget.

Once all of these parameters are understood, our structural design engineers set to work developing innovative solutions. After client approval, the next phase begins: Bringing those ideas to life. As part of the process, renderings, models and planograms are developed to demonstrate how our solutions will comply with shipping requirements and retail specs.

We then test the designs in labs certified by the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). These tests simulate actual shipment to evaluate packaging strength, integrity, and performance.

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Structural Design Services
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