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About Menasha

From strategy development, packaging and display design and manufacturing, to fulfillment, distribution and transportation, we take great pride in providing solutions that balance the art and science of in-store merchandising and bring control to critical aspects of the merchandising supply chain.

We work with the world’s leading retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies to deliver the greatest measurable value across the entire integrated merchandising supply chain. As leaders in the in-store merchandising industry, we combine our unwavering commitment to client service and an unmatched understanding of the retail sector with a proven methodology for developing efficient, sustainable offerings to meet our clients’ specific goals. Our unique ability to blend and deliver the lowest total landed cost, greatest speed to market, and innovation enables our customers to drastically reduce costs and obsolescence, greatly improve ROI, strategically deploy internal resources, and ultimately, create and manage fewer, but more impactful promotions, campaigns and retail merchandising programs.

Menasha Packaging’s recent acquisitions of The Strive Group and Rand Diversified enhance our merchandising supply chain model with the additional capabilities and strengthen our geographic coverage.

Our sister company, ORBIS®, also help increase the level of service we provide our customers. Orbis develops plastic reusable packaging programs for longer-term cost savings and sustainability.

We help our customers protect, move and promote
their products better than anyone else.

   Meet our commitments.
   Excellence in servicing our customers.
   Neighborhood involvement and improvement.
   Ability to see and embrace change to continually improve ourselves.
   Sincerity and candor in everything we do.
   Honesty, integrity, and respect.
   Accountability to our customers, each other, our suppliers, and our shareholders.

Our family-owned business has shown a remarkable capacity to evolve over 160 years by adapting to the needs of our customers without losing focus on our core values. Our heritage is built on quality products, personalized service, dedicated employees, and innovative branding and design capabilities.

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Mike Waite, President
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